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Managing Your Anger

Anger is a natural human emotion that prepares and enables us to attack a perceived threat. Anger is not a bad emotion, but we must learn to control it. Mismanaged anger is a major cause of conflict in relationships at home and at work. Violence –in the home, at work, and on the road – is the most severe consequence of mismanaged anger.

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Tips on Grand-parenting

Grandparents can provide significant support and encouragement to grandchildren. By using their breadth of experience as parents, they can teach children positive attitudes towards aging and help them develop skills to enhance their own lifelong learning. At the same time, it is an opportunity to watch children develop through all stages of growth; it is an invitation to learn about ‘their’ music and ‘their’ passions.

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Alcoholism is a Family Disease

The debilitating and destructive nature of alcoholism is never contained to just the afflicted individual. It spreads its harmful effects far and wide, with those closest to the alcoholic bearing the brunt of its force.

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Eldercare & Aging Resources

Links to resources on successful aging- health, personal care, community services, financial planning, grand-parenting, housing, safety, legal and more

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Banishing the Winter Blahs

Gray, gloomy skies coupled with cold weather often dominate winter. Then add in months of Covid-19 stress along with the holidays, and you could have an overwhelming, wintery season. It’s been a difficult, demanding year, but let’s try to understand more about the “winter blahs” so we can avoid them!

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