Digital Tools

PAS offers you and your family several digital tools focused on your overall wellbeing. These technologies allow you to continue to work on your personal goals even when your schedule is full or when you want the convenience and confidentiality of working from your own device, in your own location. There is no cost to you to use these tools. Click on each link to learn more and find out how to get started.

Togetherall Peer Support

Share your thoughts, discuss what’s on your mind, and gain support and advice from other members online

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eM Life – mindfulness solution for agriculture families

Interactive, live and on-demand, evidence-based mindfulness education and practice applied to everyday life issues for all seasons of life

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MindHealth Matters Digital Wellbeing Magazine

A monthly interactive digital guide to mind health and wellbeing. Each digital issue is engaging, with multiple interactive resources, and is accessible on your mobile phone and other internet-enabled devices. Articles are written by experts in their fields.

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PAS Discount Center

Significant savings on everyday goods and services. Enjoy More, Worry Less The PAS Discount Center powered by LifeMart

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Legal Resource Center

Articles, legal information, tips, Q&A, and a wide variety of legal document templates

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Financial Wellness Center

Financial assessment, cashflow worksheets, goal setting + tracking, home buying guide, emergency preparedness, student debt solutions, credit score management and more

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