In partnership with the Farm Family Wellness Alliance, PAS provides US ag families with resources to produce and sustain positive change through all of the seasons of life.

Farm Family Wellness Alliance- FFWA on Biteable.


Togetherall is a safe peer-to-peer online support community that is available 24/7 and is completely anonymous, so you can express yourself freely and openly. Licensed and registered mental health clinicians, called Wall Guides, monitor the community to ensure the safety and anonymity of all members. Farmers and their family members can also participate in an Agriculture-specific sub-group for those who want to connect around the specific stresses unique to the industry.



Agriculture plus technology is the wave of the future, and so is self-improvement from the convenience of your own device. PAS offers several free digital tools available for your personal development. These technologies allow you to continue to work on your goals even when your schedule is full or when you want the convenience and confidentiality of working from your own device, in your own location, even from the seat of your tractor. Click here to learn how to access these tools.

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Families in agriculture experience unique demands on their time and energy. In addition to work responsibilities, they also seek to fulfill family responsibilities, meet financial obligations, handle changes in the weather and the economy, and maintain a healthy family and social life. The key to balancing it all is having access to the right tools, resources and support. Farm Foundation, Personal Assistance Services and other Ag Industry partners have created an alliance to provide free and confidential mental health and wellness services to farm families. Click the button to learn more about the many free life management services available to your family.

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