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MindHealth Matters May 2023

This issue covers the importance of mental health, advice on how to choose a counselor, the power of positive thinking, how to stay emotionally hydrated, 10 relationship red flags, wellbeing in the workplace: a guide for supervisors, 5 tips to help you save for your vacation, and 4 meals to make eating breakfast easy.

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MindHealth Matters February 2023

February is American Heart Month, which makes it the perfect time to focus on nurturing yourself, others, and even your finances. In this edition of MindHealth Matters, we’ll share ways to do that and more. Learn 5 reasons why you’ll want to become an optimist, dive into dating yourself as an important part of self-care, discover 3 easy ways to eat heart healthy, and figure out how to find balance between working and caregiving.

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MindHealth Matters – October 2022

The October edition of MindHealth Matters highlights the observation of “National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month”. Fall for your best health! As we move into autumn, explore a variety of topics on mental health, family and parenting, personal finance, and supporting others dealing with mental health challenges.

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MindHealth Matters – September 2022

The September issue includes a variety of topics that educate, inform and inspire the reader to develop healthy patterns in relationships, parenting, nutrition, finance, work, and more.

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MindHealth Matters – July 2022

July is Minority Mental Health Month and this edition of MindHealth Matters looks at unique concerns for minorities when accessing care.

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MindHealth Matters – June 2022

Did you know that behavior is influenced both by your environment and how you have learned to respond to it?
Sometimes we can control the environment. Several articles in the June edition of MindHealth Matters help manage our environment — planning a vacation that is good for your mental health, teaching young adults to manage money, and eating foods with anti-inflammatory properties for better health.

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