Parenting and Childcare Consultation

Raising a healthy family is as important as raising crops and livestock, and even more important. It is imperative to have the latest information and resources to assist you with your most valuable investment.

Parenting Consultants:

• Simple, positive parenting strategies that really work
• Information on discipline, sleep issues, reinforcement strategies, potty training and temper tantrums
• Assistance in identifying the potential causes of behavior patterns
• Assistance in advocating for special services for children in daycare and school settings
• Guidance in determining if overall behavior is typical for child’s age and environment
• Information on developmental milestones such as language development, motor skills, sensory perception and feeding skills

Childcare Resource and Referral:

PAS child care specialists will provide assistance in locating care to fit your unique needs by verifying vacancies, fee structures, meal options, operating hours, staff qualifications. They will provide you with educational materials to assist you in making an informed decision.

• Licensed day care centers and family day care homes
• Nursery, preschool, and part-day program
• Care for mildly ill and special needs children
• Emergency and back up care
• Before/after school programs

Homebound Education Coaching:

PAS homebound education specialists coach parents on how to help their children transition from traditional classroom to homebound/online learning.

• Helping your child transition to online and/or homebound learning
• Homeschooling with multiple children
• How to homeschool and work from home at the same time.
• Identifying the best homeschool resources to help you homeschool your child
• Creating a schedule that works for your family
• Coordinating schedules for multiple children at different grade levels

To partner with one of our parenting or childcare consultants: