Nutrition and Health Coaching

Sometimes when you are producing healthy food for the rest of the world, your focus on your own health can take a back seat. PAS has registered dietitians, nutritionists, and health and fitness coaches who can provide free, individualized education and support for all of your family’s health and wellness concerns.

Health Coaching:

• Making lifestyle changes to adapt to health concerns or improve your health
• Use nutrition and exercise to improve your overall wellness
• Learn ways to effectively communicate with health care providers
• Diabetes and cardiac diet education
• Find answers to questions regarding diagnosis, testing, medications and procedures
• Learn ways to live well with illness and slow its progression

Weight and Nutrition Coaching:

• Managing weight, accomplishing attainable goals
• Meal planning and cooking healthy foods for you and your family
• Developing nutritional strategies to prevent or control health conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and food intolerances
• Healthy eating for athletes and active lifestyle

Fitness Coaching:

• assess your fitness status, health considerations and fitness goals
• assist you in designing a structured exercise program that suits your busy schedule
• consult with you to develop and achieve goals related to fitness, health and wellness
• teach correct exercise methods through demonstration, explanation and cueing
• overcome challenges and obstacles preventing you from achieving your goals

Set a time to talk to a Health and Wellness Coach about your personal goals: