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MindHealth Matters February 2023

February is American Heart Month, which makes it the perfect time to focus on nurturing yourself, others, and even your finances. In this edition of MindHealth Matters, we’ll share ways to do that and more. Learn 5 reasons why you’ll want to become an optimist, dive into dating yourself as an important part of self-care, discover 3 easy ways to eat heart healthy, and figure out how to find balance between working and caregiving.

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MindHealth Matters August 2021

In the August issue of MindHealth Matters you’ll find articles and interactive topics that educate, encourage, and enlighten everything life. In this issue, explore ideas on mindful leadership, long-distance caregiving, codependency, return to the workplace, financial fitness, navigating back-to-school routines and anxiety, and healthy snacking. Take a few minutes to check out the August issue and invest in yourself!

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