MindHealth Matters March 2022

Do you need better sleep? Studies have established a link between inadequate or poor sleep and a variety of health conditions. The March edition of MindHealth Matters features a timely article on sleep awareness. In addition, you’ll find interactive information on a wide range of topics, from smartphone addiction, boosting happiness, communication, and relationship tips.

Brief, engaging, and interactive content makes MindHealth Matters your guide to the issues we all must address at one time or another. Take a few moments to feed your mind and nurture your spirit with this March edition. At the beginning of the issue, you will find PAS’ contact information and a variety of ways to reach us. We’re always just a phone call away, 24/7.

  • National Sleep Awareness Week in March
  • Smartphone Addiction & How to Beat It
  • Youth Mental Health Crisis
  • Proven Ways to Boost Happiness
  • Communicating For Success
  • What is Your Love Language & Why is it Important
  • 5 Ways to Eat Healthier Every Day According to a Dietician