MindHealth Matters – June 2022

Did you know that behavior is influenced both by your environment and how you have learned to respond to it?

Sometimes we can control the environment. Several articles in the June edition of MindHealth Matters help manage our environment — planning a vacation that is good for your mental health, teaching young adults to manage money, and eating foods with anti-inflammatory properties for better health.

Sometimes we have little or no control over our environment and we must instead manage our response. The article Dealing with a Micromanager gives great tips on how to respond to a difficult environment in a way that can lead to a healthier relationship.

What if you have difficulty controlling both the environment and the response? June is PTSD Awareness month. Sufferers of post-traumatic stress are often conditioned to respond to environments that remind them of the event or series of events, so they often avoid “common” circumstances. But this is but one example of how people with PTSD suffer and try to cope. As with many mental health conditions, PTSD is often overly simplified by popular culture. This month, learn signs, symptoms and how you can help yourself or a loved one struggling with PTSD.

In this edition:

  • June is PTSD Awareness Month
  • The Loneliness Epidemic
  • Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month
  • Staying Mentally Healthy Over the Summer
  • Dealing with a Micromanager
  • Young Adult Finances
  • Vacations: Do They Help or Harm Our Mental Health?
  • 5 Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods