MindHealth Matters – August 2022

The August edition of MindHealth Matters includes great interactive reading that can help all of us in our everyday lives like surviving inflation, boosting happiness, and building resilience.  

Most everyone has more than one “world” they function in, among others, home, work, and school. For kids, school is a different world from home, and returning to school can be stressful. During the summer they may have developed different interests and different friend groups. Additionally, for many kids, this may be the first time they’ve returned to full-time in-person study in two years. This edition has two articles to help with a successful return to school. For adults, the workplace is often a very different world from home. As we become close with coworkers, we share more of our personal lives which is great and healthy, but it can also lead to conflict. Check out the articles on managing conflict, addressing workplace violence, and increasing focus on work.

August Topics Included

  • Back to School: Navigating Anxiety and Changing Routines
  • Ways to Increase Motivation at Work
  • Addressing Violence in the Workplace
  • Building Individual Resilience
  • Boost Your Happiness!
  • How to Manage Coworker Conflict
  • Tips to Help You Survive This Rising Inflation
  • 5 Ways to Prep for a Healthy Back-To-School

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