MindHealth Matters April 2022

April is the beginning of spring.  This season of rebirth is a good time to take stock and address things that might have gone unnoticed during the winter holidays.  The April edition of MindHealth Matters is full of opportunities to improve yourself, your relationships, and – with the introduction of a new financial column – your money management.

April is also Alcohol Awareness Month.  If people drink – and how much – is determined by many factors including family history and culture.  That means that the people you drink around, define “normal.”  Alcohol Awareness month can provide an objective perspective that gives you an opportunity to learn about alcohol consumption and determine if you need (or want) to make a change in your alcohol consumption.

Throughout the issue, you will find PAS’ contact information and a variety of ways to reach us. We’re always just a phone call away, 24/7.

April 2022 Topics Included

  • Alcohol Awareness Month
  • Navigating Family Stress
  • Managing Disappointment
  • What is an Anxiety Disorder?
  • Reducing Conflict in Your Relationship
  • Finding Hope: Building Resilience During Challenges
  • Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Kitchen & Diet
  • *New* Financial Column: Introducing the PLAN Success Cycle for Financial Health