eM Life – mindfulness solution for agriculture families

The farmer is the most important asset in the food chain and when you are not feeling or performing your best the world sees and feels it too. Talk about pressure. Mindfulness can help you perform your best every day by gaining a sense of control back during stressful times. It helps you make every moment matter with greater focus, resilience, and new mental and physical strength.

Through eM Life, you have access to interactive, live, and on-demand mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy programs for everyday life led by expert teachers. With every minute you practice on the platform, we donate to the charity of your choice like Veteran’s Path.

Start building your resilience and mental strength today!

  • Live daily 14-minute confidential mindfulness programs led by experts multiple times a day.
  • Live monthly online programs led by experts covering everything from stress to weight balance
  • Hundreds of hours of on-demand content on a wide range of topics including communication, resilience, physical pain, loneliness and sleep
  • Expert-led community to gain support and connect to your purpose
  • Game and meditation timer to help you build your personal practice
  • Easy accessibility through the web or mobile app (iOS and Android)

eM Life includes the following immersive programs that can be applied to everyday life and chronic conditions:

  • Better Living with Diabetes
  • Cultivating Compassion
  • Living Well with Chronic Pain
  • Mindfully Overcoming Addiction
  • Mindfulness at Work
  • Mindfulness-based Cancer Recovery
  • Mindfulness-based Cognitive Training
  • Medical Professional Mindfulness Program
  • QuitSmart Mindfully
  • Skills to Thrive in Anxious Times
  • Stress Less, Live More
  • The Journey Forward: Your MMAP for Success
  • Weight Balance for Life

Mindful Daily Schedule

Explore all the live, daily programs led by expert mindfulness teachers offered multiple times a day to fit your busy schedule.

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